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LiDAR LD06/LiDAR LD19 are the same item with different business name.

Product Description

Lidar LD06/Lidar LD19 TOF Coaxial radar is a laser radar device  can realize 360° laser ranging scan, measuring visual point cloud information, which can be widely used in map construction (SLAM), robot positioning and navigation applications, as well as intelligent equipment obstacle avoidance.

  • 【Super long lifetime of 20,000 hours】 Brushless motor, high-speed wireless data transmission, service life can reach 20,000 hours. The extremely long detection range can sense the environmental information of the farther range, which ensures the large area scanning and mapping ability of the robot.
  • 【25000 lux resistance to strong light】 Based on the PRINCIPLE of TOF, LDS06 is equipped with first-class filtering processing technology, which can effectively avoid the interference of strong light, resist the strong light environment of 25000Lux, and achieve high-frequency and high-precision distance measurement and accurate mapping inside and outside the room.
  • 【TOF time of flight ranging technology】 TOF (Time of Fight) flight Time ranging technology is adopted to measure the distance according to the flight Time of laser pulse. Within the effective detection range of 12M, the ranging accuracy of the radar will not change with the distance, and can reach the measuring accuracy of 2mm.With the first-class algorithm of the LDRobot, the robot can realize 360° environment detection, independent mapping and obstacle detection.
  • 【Super Sensitivity to black objects】 LDS19 has accurate detection of black object distance, wide detection range, fast tracking, locking number of targets, strong anti-interference ability. Ultra-thin structure design, fashionable appearance, smaller size, lower power consumption, can be built into the machine, reduce the size of the whole machine, improve the robot throughly.
  • 【IPX4 waterproof and dustproof】 LDS19 adopts integrated interface design, compact structure design, network protocol for cloud data transmission, the whole machine is dustproof and waterproof to IPX4 level. LDS06 lasor module rotates in clockwise to achieve a 360°omni-directional scanning and measurement of the surrounding, for the mapping contour of the surrounding environment and the point cloud information of the location of obstacles.


  • Dimensions: 38*38*34.3mm
  • Detection range: 0.02~12m
  • Angular resolution: 0.2°~1.0°
  • The laser wavelength: 905nm
  • Measurement frequency: 4500Hz
  • Sweep frequency: 5~13Hz
  • Protection grade: IPX-4
  • Measuring Angle: 0°~360°

Application field

  • Education
  • Scientific research
  • Algorithm
  • Robot obstacle avoidance
  • Autonomous navigation
  • Navigation and positioning

Communication Protocol

Data Packet Format

Lidar LD06/Lidar LD19 adopts one-way communication, it begins to send measuring data packet once working stably, without any instruction. The format of the data packet is as below:

Start Character Data Length Radar Speed Start Angle Data End Angle Timestamp CRC check


  • starting character:Length 1 Byte, fixed value 0x54, meansthe beginning of data packet;
  • Data Length: Length 1 Byte, the first threedigits reserved, the last five digits represent the number of measured points in a packet, currently fixed value 12;
  • Radar speed:Length 2 Byte, in degrees per second;
  • Start angle: Length: 2 Byte; unit: 0.01 degree;
  • Data: A measurementdata length is 3 bytes, please refer to next section for detailed explanation;
  • End Angle: Length: 2 Byte; unit: 0.01 degree;
  • Timestamp: Length2 Bytes in ms, recount if reaching to MAX 30000;
  • CRC check:Checksum of all previous data;


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