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Dual Channels USB to CAN Converter for Raspberry Pi4/Pi3B+/Pi3/Pi Zero(W)/Jetson Nano/Tinker Board/Any SBCs/Desktop and Laptop Support Windows Linux and Mac OS


  • The Dual Channels Usb to Can Device compatible with all series Raspberry Pi/Jetson Nano/Tinker Board/any single board computer, desktop and laptop.
  • Support Windows System, Mac OS, Linux, Raspbian(v5.4 kernel) and Ubuntu.
  • Plug and Play USB CAN device. No external power required. CAN baud rate from 20Kbps to 1Mbps can be programmed arbitrarily. Support for CAN bus 2.0A and 2.0B specification.
  • Provides 3000VDC voltage isolation and 15kV Bus-Pin ESD protection.
  • Provide C/Python with Socket-CAN feature for Raspbian(Linux), C#/C++ demo for Windows, Dynamic library and demo with IOUSBKit for Mac Os(Big Sur).

USB2CAN-X2 is a real ‘plug and play’ and bi-directional port powered USB to CAN converter which realizes long-distance communication between your Raspberry Pi/SBC/PC and other devices stably though CAN-Bus connection.
Dual channels can be setup independently, It’s a cost-effective solution that are safe and reliable for all your data-conversion/device-protection applications for any experienced engineer.
Interfacing to expensive industrial equipment yet simple enough for home use by an amateur hobbyist.

  • USB2CAN can also be applied to obtain the data of car via the OBD connector, but you need to configured and secondary development by yourself.
  • Support Linux system , It’s a socket-can device in Linux, not need to install any driver and fully compatible with other socket-can software in Linux such as can-utils.
  • Support Mac OS version equal or above 10.11 and provide development library for help customer develop own applications.
  • Support Win7/Win8/Win10 and provide C#/C++ demo and dynamic link libraries for help customer develop own applications.

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