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100BASE-T1 Media Converter

$146.00 - $159.00


  • 100BASE Ethernet Media Converter establishes a direct point-to-point conversion between automotive ECU’s using 100BASE-T1(100 Mbit/s Fullduplex,) and any standard Fast Ethernet (100 Mbit/s, 100BASE-TX) device with an standard ethernet RJ45 connector.
  • 100BASE Ethernet Media Converter comes with 1x TE MATEnet and 1x MOLEX adapter. Do not provide the over unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cables. No extra hardware or software is needed to connect the device with a PC or a Laptop.
  • By using the NXP TJA1101 IEEE 802.3bw compliant ethernet PHY transceiver, ensure a trustworthy and effective tool to customers that are looking for a cost-efficient, quick and manageable solution for testing requirements, with no latency and no packet loss.
  • Features with 100BASE-T1 Master/Slave configuration and link LED. The design makes it portable and easy to install in test racks. The galvanized sheet steel with black powder coating housing makes it robust.
  • Plug and Play, No need to install the drivers. No customized driver is needed to interact with our 100BASE-T1-TX-N Media Converter. The device communicates with standard Ethernet through an RJ-45 connector.



3.5 Inch SPI Display-Capacitive Touch

$28.00 - $32.00


  • The 3.5 inch RPI lcd display TFT Capacitive Touch Screen is a display module can be applied to Raspberry pi 3 B+ Pi Zero etc. It can be used as raspberry pi x window display terminals.
  • Use the Raspberry pi high-speed SPI interface transfer Linux frame buffer data to the TFT capacity touch screen RPI LCD display module. The SPI clock can reach as high as 63Mbps.
  • The 3.5 inch LCD panel with this module have 16bit/pixel 320×480 high-resolution.
  • The TFT Touch Screen RPI lcd display module equipped with high accuracy DS3231 hardware RTC unit make your Raspberry Pi system time no longer depend on the network.
  • The RPI lcd display module can equip with resistive or capacitive tft touch screen. Two types of touch screen module can use the same software package.
  • The TFT Touch Screen RPI lcd display module used SPI, I2C and some GPIO signal from Raspberry pi 40PIN interface. Other resource in 40PIN interface can be defined by users. Same size as Raspberry pi can be directly plugged on Raspberry pi.


$99.00 - $109.00


  • CAM-MIPI290MONO module with SONY IMX290LLR Sensor, and connects via a ribbon cable to the CSI connector on the Raspberry Pi. It is a fully V4L2 compatible device.
  • CAM-MIPI290MONO module can be connected to a number of RPI boards, like Raspberry Pi 4 3B+ 3B Zero A+ CM3+ CM3.
  • CAM-MIPI290MONO is an Industrial Camera Module for Raspberry Pi 4 3B+ 3B Zero A+ CM3+ CM3.
  • Fully Compatible with Raspberry PI Build In Driver


$42.32 - $46.00



  • Support up to 60fps at 1456×1088 Pixels,Compatible with rasberry pi GS camera;
  • Comes with 1x M12 Len-seat and 1xCS Len-Seat, 1x M12 wide angle Len;
  • Support Pi 4B/Pi 3B+/Pi 3B/Pi 3A+/CM4/CM3+/CM3 Directly with libcamera tools;
  • Output format Y10 with Resolution 1456*1088 up to 60fps (InnoMaker Driver);
  • Output format YUV with Resolution 1456*1088 up to 60fps;(Raspberry PI OS Driver);
  • Support Raspberry Pi OS Build In Drivers totally compatible raspberry pi official gs camera module with libcamera tools for all pi boards
  • Support Innomaker driver with isolated hardware External Trigger And isolated Strobe function, control by v4l2-ctl -l tools.(InnoMaker Driver did not support libcamera and only support specify system version)
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$28.99 - $34.99


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