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3.5 Inch SPI Display-Capacitive Touch



  • The 3.5 inch RPI lcd display TFT Capacitive Touch Screen is a display module can be applied to Raspberry pi 3 B+ Pi Zero etc. It can be used as raspberry pi x window display terminals.
  • Use the Raspberry pi high-speed SPI interface transfer Linux frame buffer data to the TFT capacity touch screen RPI LCD display module. The SPI clock can reach as high as 63Mbps.
  • The 3.5 inch LCD panel with this module have 16bit/pixel 320×480 high-resolution.
  • The TFT Touch Screen RPI lcd display module equipped with high accuracy DS3231 hardware RTC unit make your Raspberry Pi system time no longer depend on the network.
  • The RPI lcd display module can equip with resistive or capacitive tft touch screen. Two types of touch screen module can use the same software package.
  • The TFT Touch Screen RPI lcd display module used SPI, I2C and some GPIO signal from Raspberry pi 40PIN interface. Other resource in 40PIN interface can be defined by users. Same size as Raspberry pi can be directly plugged on Raspberry pi.

Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Receiver-Skylark-2

  • True HiFi DAC, Incredible Sound: This bluetooth 5.0 audio receiver was made by class-leading stereo audio DAC PCM5122, sample rates up to 384-KHz/32-Bit. Paired with stereo high fidelity headphone amplifier TPA6133.
  • Build-in CSR8675 chip, latest version Bluetooth 5.0 technology, low latency, with APTX-HD/ATPX-LL/AptX/AAC/LDAC codec, ability to deliver CD-like quality, compatible with earlier version of Bluetooth devices.
  • Ideal Choice for Home Audio & Car Audio: Supports a pair of gold plated RCA (LEFT&Right) jacks output and a 3.5mm high-end headphone jack output, flexible and easy access to any audio system.
  • Easy to setup and use, plug and play, fast connection. No apps, software driver, password, key or networking required. Once plugged in, the device automatically makes itself available to be paired.
  • High gain antenna for wide range, covers radius up to 30 meters.
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  • CAM-MIPIOV9281 is an Industrial Camera Module for Raspberry Pi 4/3B+/3B/CM4/CM3+. Fully V4L2 ( Video4Linux) compatible device. Support libcamera on Bullseye system.
  • On-board OmniVision OV9281 Monochrome(Black&White) global shutter CMOS Sensor, 1M Pixel. Output RAW8/RAW10 choosable. Support from 640×400@253fps to 1280×800@144fps.
  • Support for external trigger mode, LED and flash strobe mode and gain programmable. Uses the technique of optical coupling isolation TLP281.
  • Match a wide angle fisheye Lens. Fov(D)=148 degrees, Fov(H)=118 degrees. Focal distance is adjustable.
  • Comes with user manual, test demo and friendly technology support. We offer custom design service.