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  • The USB to CAN Converter Module compatible with all series Raspberry Pi/Jetson Nano/Tinker Board/any single board computer, desktop and laptop.
  • The USB CAN Module support Windows System, Mac OS and Linux, Raspbian(v5.4 kernel), Ubuntu.
  • Plug and Play USB CAN device. No external power required. Support wider CAN baud rate, from 20Kbps to 1Mbps can be programmed arbitrarily. Support for CAN bus 2.0A and 2.0B specification.
  • Provides 3000V voltage isolation and 2500V ESD isolated protection on signal pins.120 Ohm resistor selectable jumper feature.
  • Provide C/Python and source code with Socket-CAN for Raspbian(Linux), Dynamic library and demo with IOUSBKit for Mac Os(Big Sur).

The USB to CAN module is a plug and play device and bi-directional port powered USB to CAN converter which realizes long-distance communication between your Raspberry Pi/SBC/PC and other devices stably though CAN- Bus connection.
With small size and convenient operation, It’s a cost-effective solution that are safe and reliable for all your data-conversion / device-protection applications for any experienced engineer interfacing to expensive industrial equipment yet simple enough for home use by an amateur hobbyist.
Support Normal mode, Silent mode and Loopback mode, three modes in all system. and we provide a simple test demo tools for customer in Linux/WINDOWS/Mac Os(Big Sur), So it can be used as a portable CAN data analyzer.
The USB to CAN module can also be applied to obtain the data of car via the OBD connector, but you need to configured and secondary development by yourself.



USB2CAN-DEV Including:

  • USB2CAN-BASE, A Basedboard for USB2CAN-CORE,Which may easily for testing function of USB2CAN-CORE;
  • USB2CAN-CORE, A CAN Module,we provide options with connectors solder on board or without connectors solder on board.












A module which can be easily used to your project.







Support Win10/Win8, no need to install any driver in Win10 and Win8.
Older windows systems need to install the driver follow our usermanual.
Provide the ready-made tool , dynamic link libraries and C# demo for help customer develop own applications.

Mac OS:
Support Mac OS equal or above v10.11.
Provide the dynamic Library (Over IOUSBKit) to access usb can device and ObjC Demo.
It’s a Socket-Can device in Linux(Raspbian,Ubuntu etc.), not need to install any driver and fully compatible with most Socket-Can software in Linux,such as can-utils.

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