Innomaker Global Shutter Cameras Including Senor ov7251, ov9281, imx296, price from USD19-USD49, Totally compatible with Raspberry PI OS Build In Driver. Besides, We provide Innomaker driver support hardware external trigger which totally turn your raspberry pi and camera as industrial camera with rawdata.

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$42.32 - $46.00



  • Support up to 60fps at 1456×1088 Pixels,Compatible with rasberry pi GS camera;
  • Comes with 1x M12 Len-seat and 1xCS Len-Seat, 1x M12 wide angle Len;
  • Support Pi 4B/Pi 3B+/Pi 3B/Pi 3A+/CM4/CM3+/CM3 Directly with libcamera tools;
  • Output format Y10 with Resolution 1456*1088 up to 60fps (InnoMaker Driver);
  • Output format YUV with Resolution 1456*1088 up to 60fps;(Raspberry PI OS Driver);
  • Support Raspberry Pi OS Build In Drivers totally compatible raspberry pi official gs camera module with libcamera tools for all pi boards
  • Support Innomaker driver with isolated hardware External Trigger And isolated Strobe function, control by v4l2-ctl -l tools.(InnoMaker Driver did not support libcamera and only support specify system version)
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$32.99 - $36.99


This product is update to Version2 with size 32×32, if any requst for the legacy version, please contact us by email:



$27.99 - $34.99


  • CAM-MIPIOV9281 is an Industrial Camera Module for Raspberry Pi 4/3B+/3B/CM4/CM3+. Fully V4L2 ( Video4Linux) compatible device. Support libcamera on Bullseye system.
  • On-board OmniVision OV9281 Monochrome(Black&White) global shutter CMOS Sensor, 1M Pixel. Output RAW8/RAW10 choosable. Support from 640×400@253fps to 1280×800@144fps.
  • Support for external trigger mode, LED and flash strobe mode and gain programmable. Uses the technique of optical coupling isolation TLP281.
  • Match a wide angle fisheye Lens. Fov(D)=148 degrees, Fov(H)=118 degrees. Focal distance is adjustable.
  • Comes with user manual, test demo and friendly technology support. We offer custom design service.


$17.99 - $19.99



  • 1,OV7251 CMOS Sensor,1/7.5inch Optical Size,0.3 MPixels.
  • 2,Output formats: 8bit RAW BW and 10 bit RAW BW.
  • 3,Frame rate: 158fps.
  • 4,Optical coupled isolated external trigger input and flash output support
  • 5,Support 4 work mode
  • 6, Software trigger input support.
  • 7, driver feature support : gain,exposure,hflip,vflip
  • 8, Provide GPL Linux 5.15.32 driver source code.
  • 9,Active array size: 640×480 ,Global Shutter,External Trigger.