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  • [High Compatibility] This USB to RS485 Converter support Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac OS, Linux 3.2 greater, Ubuntu 11.10 greater and Android system.
  • [Plug and Play USB Device] USB 2.0 full speed compatible. Support wider RS485 data transfer rates, From 300 bps to 1Mbps.
  • [Excellent Chipset] On board FTDI FT230X and semi-duplex enhanced RS485 isolated transceiver TD541S485H.
  • [Industrial Design] Isolated power supply and isolation signal design, Provides Bus-Pin ESD protection up to 15kV(HBM) and greater than 25kV/us CMTI.
  • [Flexible] 120 Ohm resistor jumper selectable. designed by 1/8 unit load, support up to 256 nodes on a bus.


USB to RS485 Converter Module is a plug and play and bi-directional port powered USB to RS485 converter which realizes long-distance communication between your Raspberry Pi/SBC/PC and other devices stably though RS485 Bus connection.

It’s very easy to use, just like control a serial port on all systems. Compatible with all ready-made serial port tools.

On-board isolated RS485 Transceiver, has a standby bus failure protection function to ensure that the receiver output is high when the receiver input is open, short, or when the bus is idle. Compliant with TIA/EIA-485A EN62368 and AEC-Q100 standards. Features Bus fail-safe and Bus driver short circuit protection.The transceiver have an exceptionally high input impedance, which places only 1/8 of the standard load on a shared bus and up to 256 transceivers and it can also be mixed with the standard RS485 transceiver with 32 unit loads (cumulative receiver load cannot exceed 32 units).

With small size and convenient operation, It’s a cost-effective solution that are safe and reliable for all your data-conversion / device-protection applications for any experienced engineer interfacing to expensive industrial equipment yet simple enough for home use by an amateur hobbyist.

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