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100BASE-T1 Media Converter

$146.00 - $159.00


  • 100BASE Ethernet Media Converter establishes a direct point-to-point conversion between automotive ECU’s using 100BASE-T1(100 Mbit/s Fullduplex,) and any standard Fast Ethernet (100 Mbit/s, 100BASE-TX) device with an standard ethernet RJ45 connector.
  • 100BASE Ethernet Media Converter comes with 1x TE MATEnet and 1x MOLEX adapter. Do not provide the over unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cables. No extra hardware or software is needed to connect the device with a PC or a Laptop.
  • By using the NXP TJA1101 IEEE 802.3bw compliant ethernet PHY transceiver, ensure a trustworthy and effective tool to customers that are looking for a cost-efficient, quick and manageable solution for testing requirements, with no latency and no packet loss.
  • Features with 100BASE-T1 Master/Slave configuration and link LED. The design makes it portable and easy to install in test racks. The galvanized sheet steel with black powder coating housing makes it robust.
  • Plug and Play, No need to install the drivers. No customized driver is needed to interact with our 100BASE-T1-TX-N Media Converter. The device communicates with standard Ethernet through an RJ-45 connector.