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  • USB to 4 Channels TTL 3.3V port for Simultaneous work. Support Windows 10/8/7/xp(64bit and 32bit), Linux 2.4 and greater and Mac OS 8/9, OS-X. Free-Driver on Raspberry Pi.
  • On-board USB High Speed((480Mbits/Second) IC FTDI FT4232H. TTL Transfer Data Rate up to 12M baud.
  • Onboard ESD protection for USB port and the build-in ESD protection for FT4232H IO.
  • On-board an external EEPROM, can be programmed over USB using FT_PROG tools, You can download this tools and usermanual from FTDI website.
  • All useful pins of FT4232H are reserved on board by pin header. It also can be used as a FT4232H development kits.


Why we design this 4 Port USB to TTL Adapter with FTDI FT4232H Chipest?
In effect, FT4232H is not a cheap solutation for USB to TTL application. There are so many cheaper USB to TTL boards on the market. But after our test and use in some projects. We find it’s the most stable multichannel soluation for long-term and depth usage. It doesn’t like other USB to TTL tools, need to restart the serial port tools or even restart the computer after hot-swappable frequently.
One USB port to 4 channels for simultaneous work, you can easy to get multichannel debug information or sensor data at the same time. No need to buy 4 single USB to TTL modules and a USB hub.
On-board an external EEPROM, it can be programmed over USB using FT_PROG. All of the useful pins of FT4232H are available on board by pins header.
It also can be us as a FT4232H chip development kits. You can set it as USB to I2C, USB to SPI, USB to JTAG etc.
Please refer to the datasheet of FT4232H on FTDI webstie. We do not offer the suppor about that.

May I draw you attention for below items:
1. FT4232Hx4TTL module is free-driver on most of Windos/Linux/Mac Os system. But some version need to install the driver manually.
You can download all driver an tools on ftdi website or find the link on FT4232H datasheet. If you can’t find it, feel free to ask for our support team.
2. After install the driver properly, You can see 4 serial ports number in the device manager. On Linux please use the command ‘ ls -l /dev/ttyS* ‘ to check them.
You can use all serial port tools to control the serial ports. If you don’t not what is serial port and how to use serial port tools, please don’t buy the module.
3. The TTL is 3.3V only, incompatible for TTL 5V. The on-board 4 white connectors provice 5V/500ma power supply output, but the TTL are still 3.3V.

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